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About The Trip

About the trip

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Spend an unforgettable summer in Israel with intense learning, world class sports, and a full schedule of great trips.  NCSY Kollel Mechina features an unbeatable combination of outstanding Torah leaders, fantastic Rabbis, and talented NCSY advisors. The relationships that you will build on the Kollel will last long after the summer has ended. On the NCSY Kollel you will have the opportunity to understand, appreciate, strengthen and intensify your commitment to both Israel and the Jewish people.

NCSY Kollel Mechina opens doors to public school teens as they are immersed in the Kollel’s learning. Classes and programs are offered that make it learning appealing to any teen of any skill level. Classes include: Talmud, Jewish law, Bible, and philosophy.

The learning is complemented by competitive sports leagues and a wide range of trips.  On-campus activities include: basketball, hockey, roller hockey, swimming, and hiking. Staff participation raises the level of play and intensity of the leagues.

Trips cover the land of Israel from top to bottom. They offer options for every taste and interest, from the holy historical sites to refreshing water hikes, and from the hills to the deserts and everywhere in between.

NCSY Kollel’s sterling reputation is based on the unique combination of these ingredients, and the result is the summer of a lifetime.